Gayabaree & Millikthong Estate

Sprawling over an area of 812.85 hectare and situated in the Mirik Valley, Gyabaree & Millikthong Tea Estate is one of the biggest Tea Estate in Darjeeling district with an annual production of 2,50,000 kg.

Gyabaree & Millikthong Tea Estate is a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) & RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, UTZ and ETP.

We take special care during the storage and transportation of the harvested green leaves as they are extremely tender and can easily be damaged by improper handling, bacteria and heat.

A final prepack backing is also done to remove excess moisture present in the tea leaves which significantly enhances shelf life and encourages the tea flavour to mature over a period of time as in the case of fine wines.

Moreover, in order to maintain the final product as "authentic" as possible, we still use the original old machines which cost more to run but preserves the original Darjeeling character better.

Why Gyabaree & Millikthong is renowned for its fine quality teas?







Black Pearl

The originality and authenticity of the China bushes, in the natural fragrant breeze wafting on the slopes, is intensified furthermore, thus producing exquisite china and Wiry teas. The processing of the leaves with grate care brings a nice spicy flavour of typical "Millikthong", thus producing very encouraging teas for the price conscious traders all over the world. This garden is also specialized in making "Black Pearl" tea which is very popular in Japan.


  • The garden is North East facing with gentle hill slopes.
  • The garden is North East facing with gentle hill slopes.
  • There is ample amount of rainfall throughout the year.
  • The local weather is very suitable for the garden as it has a cool temperature, generous rainfall and cloudy sky broken by bright sunshine at regular intervals. As a result, the factors combined help in maintaining the fine fragrance of the tea produced.
  • The old plantation is replaced by new ones to an extent of 2% every year.
  • The upper division of the garden "Millikthong" has extensive concentration of china bushes which produces China and Wiry teas for price sensitive traders.
  • The estate is HACCP certified.