Bhubrighat Tea Estate (BIO-ORGANIC)

Sprawling over an area of 800.12 hectares, Bhubrighat Tea Estate is situated in the Karimganj district of Cachar, Assam. The major portion of the garden is in Tillah (small rocky areas). It produces 8.0 lac kgs of Black, Granny CTC and Orthodox Tea annually. Bhubrighat would be Organic, NOP, NPOP, EUC, Bio-Swiss, COR, JAS, Fair Trade and UTZ certified from Season 2019.

Why Bhubrighat is renowned for its fine quality CTC teas?

Experienced and skilled workers have mastered the art of plucking tea leaves.

Extensive quality control mechanism and strict supervision.

Presence of the quality manufacturing culture which is implemented right from the plucker the Manager.

Optimum soil conditions; altitude; weather; and tea bushes with a heritage of supreme quality, have been a gift of nature.

Personalized management and direct supervision from the Board of Directors.


Our decades of experience have taught us to harvest the leaf at the right stage (because even a delay of one day could hamper the tea quality) and identify the optimum time in which the best character of the bush is fully expressed.

We take special care during the storage and transportation of the harvested green leaves as they are extremely tender and can easily be damaged by improper handling, bacteria and heat.

A final prepack backing is also done to remove excess moisture present in the tea leaves which significantly enhances shelf life and encourages the tea flavour to mature over a period of time as in the case of fine wines.

Moreover, in order to maintain the final product as “authentic” as possible, we still use the original old machines which cost more to run but preserves the original character better.

Under process for certification of Organic.

Black Orthodox and CTC teas

The garden comprising of “70% highlands” is truly unmatched in the production of clean black teas with a bright, strong and rosy liquor and has invariably fascinated the tea lovers worldwide.


  • The garden’s fermenting room has been designed to facilitate a lot of cross-ventilation and good humidification.
  • Potential of achieving 2500 kgs/Hectare.
  • Inspite of the high production, the garden is Pest & Disease free.
  • The factory is well equipped to ensure that the inherent quality present in the leaf is retained.
  • It continues to maintain its traditional heritage in the factory by using machineries and other supporting instruments which have originally been setup by the British planters
  • The estate is HACCP, RA & UTZ certified.
  • The estate will be organic certified from year 2019