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Why Shan

The advantages of Shan (Thermex)- TMT Bars over Conventional TMT Bars are as follows:

  • Made from 100% SAIL Steel Billet
    • Enhanced Strength
    • High Ductility
    • Superior Atmosphere and Marine Corrosion Resistance
    • Good Weldability
    • No loss of strength at welded joint
    • Better High Temperature Thermal Resistance
    • Easy Working at site
    • Better Ductility
    • Better bendability
    • Better Rebendability
    • Better Seismic and Wind load Resistance
  • Controlled core Dia / Wt / M in normal value
  • Raw materials (billets) are procured from SAIL; the testing quality is ISI certified and conforms to IS:2830 quality
  • Reduction parameters are controlled in stages to our automatic rolling mill
  • Our cooling bed and bar transfer is automatic. Hence, no error or improper cooling/improper length of bars arise
  • We are a 'A' class category mill and a selfcertified holder of IS: 1786-1985, IS: 2062-1999 and an ISO 9001-2000 company
  • We are a license holder of Thermex as well as BIS, Fe-415 & Fe-550 grades of TMT Bars, We are in the process of obtaining Fe-500 grades of TMT Bars.
  • Saves steel consumption thereby reducing cost
  • Since 1949
  • Strong brand value
  • Stringent quality control
  • Impressive product mix
  • Strong distribution network
  • Motivated and trained manpower
  • Professional Management

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